Main features 

  • driving two three-phase brushless electric motors (PMSM or BLDC) up to 15 kW each with digital (Hall sensor) or analog (absolute encoder) position sensors
  • controlling of two electronic CVTs
  • controlling power module consisting of a carburetor-type IC engine and a generator to provide configured battery voltage
  • managing onboard equipment power with relays
  • collecting and processing sensor data (electric motor and IC engine temperature, IC engine frequency, electric motor frequency, wheel velocity, fuel level, generator amperage)
  • monitoring discrete signals from devices and sensors with open collector type outputs

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  • compact highly-integrated design (no additional control units needed)
  • each unit supports 2 motors (sufficient for 2WD vehicle)
  • proprietary motor control diagram for high torque at zero RPM
  • IP67 environment protection


Internal structure of intEn - electric/hybrid vehicle inverter for high torque low voltage applications.

IntEn includes all types of inputs and outputs needed for creating an electrical vehicle. The functionality is spread within several microcontroller units and an FPGA to allow maximum performance. FPGA is used to generate a precise diagram for power inverter switches to allow maximum performance of brushless motor. It also controls the electronic CVT and provides safety operation in case of overload (due to current sensors). Separate MCU is used to control the engine in case of hybrid vehicle operation with all needed sensors (temperature, rotation frequency, oil presence, voltage, current). Another MCU is used for equipment control and communication via automotive CAN interface with full transparency for data acquisition and control.


LxWxH 406X208x140 mm
Weight 12 kg
Continuous phase current 300 A per channel
Peak phase current 500 A
Motor power 15 kW
Motor supply voltage 48±18 V DC
Electronics supply 12±3 V DC, 1A
Number of brushless motors 2
N Relays 19
N Fuses 25
Digital interface CAN 2.0A 1Mbit/s
CVT control Dual channel 12V 10 A
FEV power module control Yes
Throttle control step motor 12V 0.5A
Motor temperature sensors Yes
Motor current sensors Yes
IP protection IP67


2-channel BLDC/PMS motor controller


Compact and multifunction IntEn 2x motor controller

  1. 2-channel BLDC/PMS motor controller
  2. Lightweight and compact controller
  3. Relays and fuses for onboard equipment control included
  4. Lightweight and compact controller
  5. Lightweight and compact controller