Remote control

Main features

  • easy connection for connect image recognition and course system
  • autonomous support trajectory of moving in semi-autonomous mode
  • robust and ergonomic remote control unit
  • transfer of main computer screen images through “first person view googles”
  • full access to vehicle electronic control system in application with IntC


  • system ready to connect to autonomous driving module
  • easy remote and first person view control
  • ergonomic remote control for work via “goggles”
  • well supported virtual reality
  • IP67 environment protection


Remote control system structure for electric/hybrid unmanned ground vehicle

RC system is based on RC unit, which may be connected to vehicle electronic control system via RS422 interface. Motorized camera is connected directly to the RC unit where OSD picture is overlaid. Signal from video transmitter is amplified with 12W amplifier and transmitted into FPV goggles. In case of use with IntC full access to electronic control system functionality is possible. Remote controller allows movement control with two manipulators and easy access to winch and camera rotation control with help of buttons. When used with IntC button mode can be switched to provide access to IntC display functionality. External GPS module is supported to allow navigation and autonomous movement.


RC unit power supply 12±3 V, 3 A
RC unit main interface RS422, 1 Mbit/s
RC unit GPS interface RS232
Camera type NTSC/PAL, 640x480
Camera step motor 12 V, up to 0.5 A
Video transmitter 12 W, 2.4 GHz
RC transmitter 433 MHz, spread spectrum (LoRa)
RC distance up to 2 km


  1. Waterproof ergonomic remote controller
  2. First-person view motorized camera unit
  3. On-screen display with movement parameters and system information
  4. FPV-goggles for remote operation