Main features

  • fully electronic movement control (potentiometric inputs)
  • supports connection of up to 4 IntEn units to build electric/hybrid vehicles
  • intuitive and flexible human interface
  • movement and equipment control algorithms embedded
  • robust and compact mechanical design

Download specification HERE


  • allows to build simple steering system and acceleration control
  • easily connected to remote movement and equipment control systems
  • supports up to 17 lighted buttons and 11 inputs to implement hardware control over equipment
  • unlimited number of electronically controlled options and functions
  • proprietary movement algorithm for 4WD caterpillar vehicles
  • all system parameters are logged into internal ROM
  • IP67 environment protection


Internal structure of intC - electric/hybrid vehicle main control unit.

Control and human interface functions are split between two microcontrollers to allow maximum performance. Main controller supports 2 digital interfaces: CAN for IntEn module connection and RS422 for remote controller unit connection. Vehicle movement control interface is implemented as 2 potentiometric inputs that allows to simplify the steering system and acceleration control. System state is logged into internal ROM every 1 s to provide telemetry data for diagnostics and maintenance. Main controller supports 11 buttons with backlight and 11 discrete inputs (10 open-collector type and 1 open-emitter type). Second controller implements LCD driving function and interaction with user through 6 on both sides of display buttons. It also controls display and button LEDs brightness.

Human interface is implemented as a hierarchy of screens with different functionality. Such architecture gives extreme extensibility - new screen is added for new group of functions and inserted into screen hierarchy. Agile graphic object system allows high refresh rate and multilingual support.


LxWxH 246x160x110 mm
Weight 2.5 kg
Display 6.2 ''Monochrome TFT 640x320
Viewing angle ±80° in both orientations
Interface CAN 2.0A and RS-422 1Mbit/s
Buttons supported 17
Backlit control Yes
Button LED brightness control Yes
IMU support Yes
intEN supported up to 4
Climatic conditions -20..+55 C
IP protection IP67
Power 6..18V 0.5 A (DC)
Discrete inputs 11

Front panel of a hybrid vehicle with intC controller, user buttons and charger cradle for remote controller

LCD screen with wide angles and user-friendly interface                                                 Front panel design example