EV48 evidence

Why do our products fit so well for electric vehicles

As compared to other companies products the ones we designed are not for abstract technical requirements, but based on real requirements of a real platform:

1) EV hybrid/battery drive structure based on the most modern technologies 2) High-thrust Forty Eight Volts (FEV) EV applications
2) Simple, low cost and reliable continuous variable transmission without any belt clutch
3) Structure with high grade of reliability, with integration of all elements with dry contacts inside IP67 boxes
4) Military grade Follow me, First Person View and Remote control with reasonable price for commercial using
5) 4x4 formula providing smooth moving with caterpillars
6) Mechanical design that can be easily convertible to customer needs
7) Mass-weight-thrust balance provides amphibious solution on caterpillar platform

Demonstration project

Cross section of a hybrid unmanned ground vehicleVanquisher - lightweight all-terrain unmanned ground vehicle with a powerful electric drivetrain with hybrid architecture.

The Vanquisher is a set of technologies in the form of inexpensive lightweight all-terrain vehicle with a powerful electric drivetrain with hybrid architecture which is capable to carry a crew of 5 or rescue up to 2 injured on the stretchers, capacity unseen for a compact amphibian which can fit a standard trailer towed by a street car. 
Our robotized transporter with electric drivetrain is designed for maximum reliability and minimum service. The safety and high performance are provided by the unique low voltage electric system powered by a petrol alternator module. 
The Vanquisher can be used at any climate zone and on any ground type or in water as an all-in-one replacement for quad-cycle, snowmobile, tractor and even a shallow water boat.

Terrain pressure: 85 g/cm2 

Top land speed: 25 km/h (in Follow Me mode up to 15 km/h)
Thrust: up to 1500kg
Payload: up to 550 kg
Crew: driver + 4 passengers or 2 stretchers
Drivetrain voltage: 48 V
Hybrid mudule: alternator engine: 690 cc, petrol fuel tank: 85 l
Maximum range: up to 450km
Remote control & FPV: 433MHz, up to 5km
Temperature range: -40..+70C

Hybrid amphibious transporter after marsh terrain testingHybrid amphibious transporter overcoming water obstacles

Thrust 1500kg is enough for good operations

Hybrid amphibious transporter overcoming water obstaclesHybrid amphibious transporter winter test

Unique algorithm joint with 4x4 superwide caterpillar platform provides smooth turn in any direction.
That’s important for applications which unaccepted any kind of jerks.