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Our commercial project lightweight amphibious all-terrain vehicles were designed to match modern requirements in mobility and off-road performance.

Testing Follow Me

An example of Follow Me application. The operator checks the obstacles and chooses the path. The vechile follows the operator at a safe distance.


High Thrust FEV EV

Caterpillar thrust test. The force of more 4400 N is demostrated  360º turn on a wet road  

Long-life transmission

 Demonstration of electronically controlled CVT  Demonstration of pulsed braking with CVT. Belt tension prevents slipping


Moisture environment

Demonstration of application in an amphibious transporter. Overcoming a water obstacle. 

Special purpose EV manufacturing

Application example in a special-purpose vechicle. Injured person rescue from hard-to-reach location.

Remote control

Loading into trailer with help of remote control allows position fine adjustment.

First Person View remote control

OSD goggles screen in FPV control mode. Access to all functionality of onboard computer demonstrated.

Smooth turn

Smooth turn without steering.



Photo gallery

System Follow Me

US beacon mounted on magnetic shoulder cradle for remotely controlled ground vehicle platform. US beacon allows to operate an ground vehicle platform by opreator or chaining several vehicles into a pillar.

  1. US beacon mounted on magnetic shoulder cradle

US receiver for remotely controlled ground vehicle platform. US receiver is a part of remote control system for remotely controlled ground vehicle platform which allows beacon positioning and autonomous navigation

Compact US receiver

Remote control

 Remote control system for unmanned ground vehicle platform includes remote controller unit, rotatable video camera and first-person view googles. Onscreen display allows unmanned vehicle control, onboard status information monitoring and full access to vehicles functions.

  1. Ergonomic and robust remote controller.
  2. Motorized FPV camera unit.
  3. OSD in FPV control mode. Movement parameters and some statistics are overlayed over FPV camera picture
  4. OSD goggles used in FPV control mode

Recently developed eletronic units of remote control system with harsh environment operation and ergonomic design.

UGV remote control system central unit is our innovative development which allows two ways of remote operation: radio channel mode and ultrasonic follow me mode.Remote control unit for UGV remote control system  with ergonomic and robust design

  1. Full FPV and Follow me control system
  2. Remote control unit
  3. Ergonomic and robust remote controller

Long-life transmission

High traction drivetrain deveolped by our engineers with constantly variable gear ratio and precise position control thanks to motor position sensing.

CVT compartment example in a caterpillar machine


IntEn hybrid vehicle 2-channel inverter is a powerful but compact eletronic unit suitable for electric vehicle design. Highly integrated IntEn unit includes all facilities to control onboard equipment via unmanned vehicle remote control system.

IMG 3660

  1. Compact and lightweight two-channel BLDC/PMSM controller
  2. Relays and fuses for on-board equipment embedded into IntC
  3. All relays and fuses are easily replaced