Main features

  • complete set for front panel design (when used with IntC)
  • cordless power supplies embedded into cradles
  • robust design


  • fast access control of frequently used on-board equipment
  • always ready for work RC and US beacons
  • IP67 environment protection



The RC cradle and the beacon cradle can be powered directly from 12 V power supply or from the IntC or the RC unit. The RC and the beacon are held with help of magnets. Both cradles provide enough power to completely charge the RC or the beacon within 3 hours.

The Button unit contains 11 buttons with backlight and a starter key. All of them have separate input, output and common wires which allow connecting them to different circuits. The button is fully supported by IntC and can be directly connected to it without additional external wires.


Number of buttons 11
Supply voltage 12±3 V
CPS power 2.2 W, may be extended to 5 W on request
Foreign object protection Yes
Environment protection IP67