EV48 application areas




High thrust FEV EV

As compared to other forty eight volts applications our solution can provide maximum thrust with zero RPM. We use new commutation technology in our IntEn motor inverter. Thus it’s not necessary to use any CVT with clutch that provides for electric motor non-zero RPM when load applied. This approach provides a possibility for your electric machine to get high pull immediately after start without any belt friction in clutch. It’s an advantage for such applications as dumpers for construction works or any kind of machines with high pull requirements. With this technology it isn’t necessary to use overpower engines and inverters to get high pull when movement started.




FEV hybrid and electric EV


EV48 provides huge possibilities for rapid development and manufacturing FEV hybrid or electric vehicle. With EV48 it’s not necessary to construct electronics and drive train by connecting different units and modules from the market. EV48 includes all necessary modules and a drive train. And as compared to existing on the market modules EV48 is highly integrated! For example IntEn inverter includes all necessary components for on board equipment relays and fuses inside IP67 box thus customer doesn’t need any additional boxes and cables.


All on board system for 4х4 solution presented by only 3 main electronic blocks and items like power module, camera, remote control or FPV goggles. But system isn’t limited by only 4x4 formula, IntEn is connected by CAN and it’s possible to get any formula like 8x8 or 16x16 that depend on the onboard power limit only.

Scheme 1


Long-life transmission

Presently the main problem of modern FEV solutions is necessity of the unit that provides electric motor possibility to reach some RPM before load will be applied. In modern solution such unit is usually presented by v-belt CVT with clutch. This is a very cost effective way, that reduces product price of oil filled gearbox (in modern gasoline car this is sometimes more valuable than an engine) and open for modern Asian manufacturer possibility to present low price electric cars on the market.

Longlife 6

Continue development of Asian EVs demonstrates improvement of V-belt CVTs by blocks of electronic control that within the last decades where actively used by leading manufacturers of high engine volume gasoline scoters.

Longlife 2 

But in spite of the fact that modern CVTs have electronically controlled primary pulley position the clutch still keeps existing. As a result friction of the belt by clutch during starting off is a significantly reduce resource of the belt and transmission itself.

EV48 drive train has electronically controlled V-belt CVT without clutch! It’s possible because IntEn inverter has unique switching technology that provides high thrust with zero RPM of the electric motor. Thus EV48 drive train provides transmission long life and huge resource of the belts.

Longlife 3 Longlife 4



Moisture environment

IntEn inverter and other units of EV48 have high level of protection, - IP67. It provides possibility for effective operation of EV48 in moisture environment.

IMG 3030IMG 3238

IMG 3365

Possibilities of operation in moisture conditions were proved by using EV48 in amphibious Vanquisher platform.


Thus EV48 can be used for example as on-board system for operating electric boats both with hybrid and electric architecture or as on-board system for other electric vehicles operating in moisture conditions.


Remote control

EV48 provides fast development and easy manufacturing of FEV EV with remote control systems. It has robust and effective remote control that is already integrated into the system. This possibility opens wide range of applications b for small and powerful remotely operated robots up to options of remote control for any kind of transportation machines and vessels.



Follow Me control

A lot of applications required a transporter following by operator. Our follow me technology is very robust and at the same time simple to use. EV48 has integration of follow me features at all operation levels and can provide possibilities for fast development follow by operator transporters.


First Person View remote control

Spread possibilities of remote control to first person view and provide unique options when vehicle can be remotely operated through FPV goggles. This is a very useful option for different type of robots, transporters or vessels when it’s too risky for an operator to stay on a machine board.




Smooth turn caterpillar chassis

Unique algorithm provides smooth turn in any direction. That’s important for applications which unaccepted any kind of jerks. It’s possible because each IntEn invertor is controlling 2 motors simultaneously and IntC computer synchronizes front and rear pairs, thus provides precise control of pull for vehicle both sides.